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Our Latest Offers

Welcome to our offers page, where excitement meets affordability! At RE:PLAY DIRECT, we're delighted to present exclusive deals on our extensive range of freestanding playground equipment specially crafted for nurseries and primary schools across the UK. Dive into our exceptional offers across various categories, each designed to enhance play, learning and exploration.

Our Exclusive Categories:

  1. Activity Items: Unleash the spirit of adventure with our enticing activity items. From climbing structures to imaginative play panels, discover products that promote physical activity and cognitive development.
  2. Mark Making: Nurture creativity with our mark-making tools. Watch as young minds express themselves through art, leaving their mark on the world while developing fine motor skills.
  3. Mud Kitchens: Transform outdoor spaces into hubs of creativity and sensory delight. Our mud kitchens offer a unique blend of messy play and learning, fostering imagination in the great outdoors.
  4. Play Huts: Create cozy retreats for young explorers with our play huts. These freestanding structures provide the perfect space for imaginative play and quiet moments of reflection.
  5. Sand and Water Play: Bring the beach to your playground with our sand and water play equipment. Encourage tactile exploration and scientific curiosity in a controlled and safe environment.
  6. Seating and Storage: Elevate outdoor and indoor spaces with our versatile seating and storage solutions. From comfortable reading nooks to practical storage units, enhance the functionality of your learning environment.


  • Quality Assurance: Our playground equipment is crafted from durable materials to ensure longevity and safety.
  • Educational Focus: We prioritise products that contribute to the holistic development of children, combining play and learning seamlessly.
  • Trusted by Nurseries and Schools: Countless nurseries and primary schools across the UK trust us for our quality and commitment to educational play.

Limited-Time Offers, Unlimited Adventures:

Take advantage of our limited-time offers and turn your playground dreams into reality. Each product on offer is designed to create a stimulating and enriching environment for young learners. Browse through our exclusive deals and make the most of your investment in the future of education. Ready to transform your educational space with our fantastic offers? You can buy online today, send an order enquiry with a purchase order number or contact us if you have any questions or would like to customise your order. Let's create a playground that inspires, educates and captivates!