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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your products if I don’t have a credit/debit card?
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Send us an order enquiry with a purchase order number and we will send an invoice.
How long does a delivery take?
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We aim to deliver all items within 4 weeks.
Can I have my product personalised?
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Absolutely. Either specify a request at the notes section of the checkout page, or purchase order form or send us an email
Please note that not all products can be personalised and we reserve the right to cancel requests.
Do I have to assemble the products myself?
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No. Most of our products come pre-assembled as standard. If they aren’t pre-assembled, you can easily request that they are.
How long will the products last?
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Each product should get at least a decade’s worth of use. We use Scandinavian Redwood, which is known for its durability. We enhance that by treating the wood, so it is weather, insect, and child proof.
I'm worried about safety. What safety checks do you make?
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We make very thorough safety checks and painstakingly measure every nook and cranny to be sure little fingers, toggles, or hair cannot get stuck. We follow all the recommended safety regulations in EN1176, despite not being required by law to follow.
Where do you deliver to?
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We deliver to the UK mainland.
Do you install the products?
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All of our prices include delivery and installation. Installation is subject to flat ground and suitable access.
How likely are splinters?
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Highly unlikely. We ensure our wood is smooth and finished professionally.
Do you use sustainable materials?
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Yes, we use Scandinavian Redwood which reaches maturity after about 25 years, making it quick to replenish.
Do you use any harsh chemicals?
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No, we only use non-toxic treatments on our products.
Why is wood better than plastic?
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When properly treated, wood doesn’t perish as fast as plastic. It is better for the environment too. Plus, we think it looks nicer.