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Seating & Storage

Seating & Storage



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Seating & Storage

Our high-quality freestanding equipment includes innovative seating and storage solutions designed to bring learning to life for children in nurseries and primary schools across the UK. Our versatile products provide the perfect setting for exploring nature, diving into a captivating story, engaging in lively debates on sunny days in the playground, and offering additional indoor capacity in classrooms or halls.

Creating Dynamic Learning Spaces

Our seating and storage products are carefully designed to transform any educational environment into a dynamic space for active learning. Whether it's an outdoor exploration area or an indoor classroom, our solutions enhance the learning experience.

Sustainability and Durability

We take pride in using sustainable materials. Our seating and storage products are crafted from high-quality Scandinavian Redwood, ensuring they are both splinter free and long-lasting. This commitment to sustainability reflects our dedication to the environment and the well-being of future generations.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Our wooden playground equipment is treated with high-pressure, non-toxic processes, making them resilient against insect attacks, harsh weather conditions, and the activity of children. They are built to endure, offering years of reliable use.